Data from portal Flora-On is now published through GBIF

May 29, 2015

Data from portal Flora-On is now published through GBIF

The Portuguese association dedicated to the promotion and study of botany Sociedade Portuguesa de Botânica published a new dataset through GBIF based on the Flora-On citizen science portal, which becomes the largest dataset published by a Portuguese institution. The dataset, with more than 140 thousand records, contains occurrence data of vascular plants of the Portuguese native and non-native flora, recorded by the collaborators of Flora-On, which is available from the GBIF data portal and from the IPT service of Flora-On

The publication of this dataset is an important contribute to increase the coverage of national biodiversity available through GBIF, by duplicating the number of records of vascular plants. The SPBotânica will ensure the regular update of the dataset, in a way that new records inserted by collaborators of the Flora-On portal become also available through GBIF for the global community.

GBIF – Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

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