• Pitões das Júnias Waterlfall

  • Norte

  • Montalegre

  • Peneda-Gerês National Park

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  • Accessto Pitões das Júnias coming from:

    - Vila Real - A24, N103; from Montalegre, follow to  EM308 and EM513.

    - Montalegre - EM308 and EM513

    - Braga - N103, M308-4 and EM513


    GPS (begining of the trail): 41.828747, -7.948009

  • The waterfall of Pitões, formed by the waters of the stream of Campesinho in its route downstream of the monastery of Santa Maria das Júnias, has its origin in a fault.
    When the flow rate is low, one can observe polished rocks and sinks (50 cm in diameter) that result essentially from the abrasion effect caused by the friction of particles (sands and pebbles carried by the stream) on the rock. The lagoon at the base is an example of erosion caused by water action.
    In addition to the geological interest, the place also has landscaping and cultural interest. In addition to the Monastery of Santa Maria das Júnias, we can observe the oak grove of Beredo and in the background we have the Serra do Gerês.
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