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  • Peneda-Gerês National Park

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  • This geosite can be seen from Our Lady of Peneda shrine and surrounding villages such as Bouça dos Homens, S. Bento do Cando and Gavieira, because this site is a large rock mass on a mountainous top.


    Access by the M503 or N202 (to Our Lady of Peneda shrine). It can be visited through the PR2 N Peneda trail.


    Penameda GPS: 41.987109,-8.237489

  • Penameda means large rock (pena or penha) that looks like a hay bundle (meda), because this is the most important geological dome form in Peneda mountain, representative of the granitic relief due to differential erosion in Peneda - Gerês granite massif. Penameda has an altitude of 1215 m and can be visited through the PR2 N Peneda trail.



    Differential or selective erosion - occurs when the rocks in one region have structures and are of different nature, thus presenting different degrees of resistance to erosive agents (rain, wind, temperature ...). Ex: fractures or fault lines are more easily eroded.


    Dome - geological form with dome appearance, formed for instance by differential erosion.

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