• Albufeira do Azibo Protected Landscape (4.897 ha), is partly on "Morais" Site of Community Importance of the Natura 2000 Network. Integrated on the Sabor River basin . It is a dam reservoir dating back to the end of 70's of the 20th century, where the vegetation is comprised by a mix of Mediterranean and Atlantic flora. Portuguese Oak and Sweet Chestnut coexist with Olive Tree, Vineyard, Cork Oak, bruswood and marshlands, in a mosaic enriched by the presence of spontaneous orchids.

    The large mass of water allows the existence of several species of wild bird fauna, and is a nesting place to the Great Crested grebe, the symbol of this Protected Area.

    In a region with notoriously rigorous winter and summer, here it is tempered by the presence of the water plain and the existing infrastructures, which are an evident attraction to visitors.

  • Município de Macedo de Cavaleiros

  • Rivers and marshes

  • North

  • Bragança

    Macedo de Cavaleiros

  • Access coming from:

    - Macedo de Cavaleiros, head towards Vale de Prados, located at the edge of the protected area.

    - Mirandela or Bragança through the A4, until the Santa Combinha exit.

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  • Walk along the shore of the dam water plain and enjoy the Ribeira and Fraga da Pegada beaches. Visit the bird observatories and discover the serpentinites of the Morais Massif.


    To observe the fauna leave early in the morning or a bit before dusk. Bring binoculars and a camera, if you have them. Always pay attention to the weather forecast and avoid performing activities in days of rain, thunderstorm or fog. If you wish to take long walks avoid going out by yourself, but, if you do, inform an acquaintance or a local entity of your departure and return. Use simple and comfortable clothes. Make outerwear, food, water, sunscreen and/or a raincoat available. You may also take a cellphone (do not start a fire and don't dispose of cigarette butts incorrectly). If you want to enjoy the river beach do not forget your bathing suit. Take special precautions when walking in moist and rocky areas, to avoid falling and do not act in a way that might endanger yourself or others.

    In case of an accident contact the emergency service 112.

  • The Protected Landscape has directional and informative signs throughout all of its area.

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  • PTCON0023 Morais

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	Visit the <a href="" target="_blank" title="House of Careto Site">House of Careto</a> in Podence, with a collection of Carnival&nbsp;masks and colorful costumes characteristic of this transmontana&nbsp;village. (More information: <a href="" title="Caretos de Podence eMail"></a>).</p>

    Visit the House of Careto in Podence, with a collection of Carnival masks and colorful costumes characteristic of this transmontana village. (More information:

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	Religious Museum of Balsam&atilde;o, in the convent of the same name and located on top of the hill of Caramouro or Balsam&atilde;o, has a rich collection of <em>ex-votos</em>.</p>

    Religious Museum of Balsamão, in the convent of the same name and located on top of the hill of Caramouro or Balsamão, has a rich collection of ex-votos.

Weather Conditions

Weather Conditions em Albufeira do Azibo Protected Landscape :

What you can do

1. Use the binoculars and watch the birds that use Azibo reservoir.

2. Look down and try to find small orchids.

1. Bring a towel and take a good bath in the reservoir.

1. Enjoy the autumnal colors of the vineyards, chestnut trees and other hardwoods.

1. Find out if the protected landscape has some activity taking place and participate.

Best Season: All year long


Paisagem Protegida da Albufeira do Azibo (Headquarters)

Câmara Municipal de Macedo de Cavaleiros

Jardim 1º de Maio


Telefone: (00351) 278 420 420



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