• Berlengas archipelago, a pompous title that designates the three sets of islet - Berlenga Grande, the Estelas and the Farilhões / Forcadas - is situated to the North West of Carvoeiro cape, while the fulcrum is the Berlenga island, a granitic mass with a 4 km perimeter, surrounded by islets and reefs. From the island's flora, a hundred grass and bush species common to this coastal region, we highlight the endemic species Armeria berlengensis, Herniaria berlengiana and Pulicaria microcephala. Interesting population of reptiles - the Bocage´s wall lizard is a local endemic species - and the existence of only two land mammals - the common rabbit and the black rat. Nesting area for maritime bird fauna and a passageway for numerous migrating birds. Aquatic heritage of clear value being the adjacent aquatic reserve the most diverse underwater area in the Portuguese coast.

    S. João Baptista fort recalls past feats while the Berlenga's lighthouse marks the location of the island from up to 30 miles away. The Nature Reserve (104 ha of land area) records the intermittent presence of fishermen throughout the year and a remarkable tourist presence during the Summer.

  • Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas, I.P. (ICNF, I.P.)

  • Cliffs and beaches

  • Lisbon and Tagus Valley

  • Peniche

  • Access from:

    - Peniche - at the pier you can find a regular boat bus, the "Cabo Avelar Pessoa", which functions during the summer season (from May to September), you can also find several maritime and tourist boats which can take you to the Berlenga island along the year (make sure that they are adequately licensed - know which are the certified "Nature Tourism" companies by consulting the Registo Nacional de Agentes de Animação Turística (National Registry of Tourist Entertainment Agents).

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  • Webcam on a Cory’s Shearwater nest - see here

  • Only the Great Berlenga can be visited and there is a limited admission number, 550 visitors simultaneously per day, (Portaria n.º 355/2019, of May 22, article 1, except for the usual seasonal residents, service providers duly authorized, representatives of the official entities with jurisdiction in the nature reserve and authority agents on duty).

    To observe the fauna leave early in the morning or a bit before dusk. If you won't spend the night on the island remember to check the boat schedules. Bring binoculars and a camera, if you have them. Always pay attention to the weather forecast and avoid performing activities in days of rain, thunderstorm or fog. During your stay in the island avoid going out by yourself, but, if you do, inform an acquaintance or a local entity of your departure and return. Use simple and comfortable clothes. Since there are no fresh water streams nor any shadows in the Berlenga, we suggest you carry reusable water bottles, which you can bring back, and that you use sunscreen and a hat. You may also want to take a cellphone and a flashlight. If you want to enjoy the beach do not forget your bathing suit. The island's flora is special, don't stray off the trails, to avoid falling and do not act in a way that might endanger yourself or others.

    In case of an accident or unforeseen event contact the rangers on the island and/or the emergency service 112.

  • The Reserve has directional and informative signs throughout all of its area.

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  • PTCON0006 Arquipélago da Berlenga (Berlenga Archipel)

    PTZPE0009 Ilhas Berlengas (Berlengas Islands)

  • Biosphere Reserve - MAB/UNESCO. Council of Europe Biogenetic Reserve.

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	Visit Carvoeiro Cape and its lighthouse.</p>

    Visit Carvoeiro Cape and its lighthouse.

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	Visit the adjacent coast of Peniche: apart from Carvoeiro cape, the peninsula of Papoa and enjoy the karst landscape of this place.</p>

    Visit the adjacent coast of Peniche: apart from Carvoeiro cape, the peninsula of Papoa and enjoy the karst landscape of this place.

Weather Conditions

Weather Conditions em Berlengas Nature Reserve :

What you can do

1. From May on, there is access to the island in a regular liner service, so climb to the lighthouse, which still maintains the presence of lighthouse keepers.

2. Stroll along the tracks and try to observe the armérias in bloom.

1. Visit S. João Batista Fort.

2. Bring a towel and dip in the clear waters of Berlenga Grande.

3. Climb to the top of Berlenga Grande and try to identify the islands around.

Best Season: Summer


Reserva Natural das Berlengas (Headquarters)

Av. Mariano Calado, 57

2520-224 PENICHE

Telephone: (00351) 262 787 910




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